Monday, April 23, 2007

You know you are a homeschooling mom of many...

When you announce in the grocery that peanut butter is on sale for $1, somehow 12 jars end up in your cart.
When your children's book collection strikes fear into the heart of the burly moving men.
When a coordinated outfit means your ponytail elastic matches your tshirt.
When the shoe rack by the back door resembles the clearance rack at Stride Rite.
When the librarian knows all your children's names.
(add your own, please!)

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Michelle said...

When the grocery store clerks know all your kids names!

When babysitting your friend's 4 kids so she can go to the pediatrician with the baby is no big deal.

When you need either two carts or two trips to the grocery store every week.

When laundry doesn't count as "unnecessary servile work" and Sundays often include that chore too.