Monday, April 30, 2007

giggles up to Heaven

One evening last week during our family prayers Maggie was literally raising holy heck. She has her own short Act of Contrition but has gotten into a routine of sticking in an extra word to make it: "Dear Blessed Jesus, I tried to be good today, but if I did anything to offend you again, I am sorry. Please help me to never offend you again. Amen." We all giggled at her error so she retaliated by pulling at her mouth and sticking her tongue out at Will as he attempted to say his Act of Contrition with a straight face. It was impossible, even Tim started chuckling and before we knew it we were all rolling on the floor. She really did look a sight, complete with her eyes crossing and her mouth stretched all out of shape.
Her usual cheerfulness is contrasted by Charlie's almost constant whining and sullen attitude. She is perky, while he is dour and it strikes me daily how each child is a unique and precious gift from God. Charlie isn't all bad, he is just 2 and while he drives me crazy most days, he is also the most huggable child and loves to give me moist, snotty kisses on my lips. It is easy to love a child who exhibits a sunny disposition, but I am sure God gives more credit to the mother who loves the more obnoxious one with the same depth.

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