Wednesday, April 11, 2007

reason #45 why we homeschool

I was reading a on-line bulletin board about relocation to North Carolina and came across a query for homeschooling groups in the city. The thread quickly degenerated to a debate over homeschooling in general but this post from a public school administrator caught my eye:
I think public schools can be very successful, and some are. My point about people who have not been in a classroom and therefore do not understand how behavior problems can effect learning, was saying just that, nothing more. There are many people who find it easy to say that a child can thrive in any environment. That may be true, and there are certainly success stories everywhere. However when you have a classroom of children who are consistently off task, and whose parents could not possibly care any less (although they're the ones giving you hell if you discipline their child) it does effect learning for the other children. Is that the teacher's fault? Maybe, but I think the issue is much bigger than that.

I plan on teaching my children 9 years of grammar so they can learn proper English and be able to distinguish between simple words such as affect and effect.
Affect is a verb and means to stir the emotions of.
Effect is a noun and means a result.
Proper use in a sentence:
One effect of a thunderstorm is lightning which might affect small children greatly.

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Leticia said...

Thank you for noticing that error!
As and English teacher, I sometimes think I'm the ONLY one who notices glaring grammar mistakes like that one!
My person pet peeve is a sentence like this one:
I don't like lemons, there too sour.
Yikes! What are they teaching in public schools!