Thursday, April 12, 2007

alphabet meme

[A is for age]: 36 years, old enough beat the socks off all those 20-somethings in the local road race.
[B is for beer of choice]: Corona with a lime (I loved Mexican $1 beer nights in college)
[C is for career]: Full time Mommy, part time blogger.
[D is for favorite Drink]: Starbuck's Venti Chai Latte with a dab of whipped cream. umm...
[E is for Essential item you use every day]: Changing table.
[F is for Favorite song at the moment]: When the Saints Come Marching In. (Will is practicing it every day on the piano- sounds great!)
[G is for favorite Game]: Computer game is I Spy, board game is Mad Dash. (geography)
[H is for Home town]: Portsmouth
[I is for Instruments you play]: None, I can't carry a tune in a bucket either.
[J is for favorite Juice]: Orange with crushed ice.
[K is for Kids]: 5 here, 3 in Heaven.
[L is for last child-free vacation]: Uhhh, I think that would be our trip to Jamaica, 9 months before Will was born.
[M is for marriage]: I hope so with all these children!
[N is for Nickname]: Kat, but I went by Kitty for a very short time in 3rd grade.
[O is for Overnight hosp stays]: Several injuries when I was a child resulting in 2 full length leg casts. More recently there have been 5 trips in with a balloon under my shirt and out with a bundle in my arms.
[P is for phobias]: I ain't scared of nothin'.
[Q is for quotes you remember from childhood]: "That which does not kill us will make us stronger." "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." "You were not born with the word FAIR stamped on your forehead."
[R is for biggest Regret]: If you could do it all over and change things, would you? (if you had to relieve the teen years?) Me neither.
[S is for sports]: I liked college football in college, but don't really care now.
[T is for Time you wake up]: 7am.
[U is for underwear down in the dryer]: 2-3 loads of wash each day.
[V is for Vegetable you love]: Artichoke, asparagus, beans, corn, cucumbers, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes. Tis the season for asparagus, yeah!!
[W is for What do you do on Wednesday?]: School with the kids, art lessons in the afternoon for the older ones, and hopefully squeeze a run in before supper.
[X is for Xerox, copied anything interesting?]: I did a art project in college involving xeroxing my hands. I think I got a good grade for it, but that shows you the value of part of my degree. (I also took bowling one semester!)
[Y is for Yummy food you make]: cakes, breads, pies, any dessert.
[Z is for recent Zany adventures]: Does going shopping after attending a Pretty Princess concert at the library count? The girls were getting funny looks at the Dollar Store and Kroger dressed to the hilt and waving magic wands about.
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Halfmoon Girl said...

I had to come check you out when I saw the name of your blog on the Homeschool Awards list.

Congrats on your nomination!

scmom said...

"You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." One of my favs!

Tracy said...

Gonna have to borrow this meme for Fun Fridays!

Have fun in NC this weekend!