Sunday, April 08, 2007

abortion and the nanny state

It is the height of hypocrisy that our country continues to take over the role of childraising in this age of unfettered abortion.
A law pending in Virginia mandates carseats for children up to the age of 8. A toddler drowned last week in a flash flood in Texas and many blame the mother for not watching her child every second. Another example is last year's story of Abraham Cherrix, a 16 year-old boy in a custody battle between his parents and the Accomack County Social Services Department over decisions concerning Abraham’s cancer treatments. Also last year the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals decided that parents have no right to determine what is taught in their child's public school. A current federal proposal threatens to force millions of kids to undergo psychiatric screening, whether their parents consent or not.
The New York Times, tries to have it both ways in a pro smoking-ban article, "The government's job is to discourage parents from making choices that affect other children — like a refusal to be inoculated for serious diseases — and to enforce laws that protect youngsters from clear and present dangers, like unbuckled car seat belts." but continues with a warning about regulating choices in child care, "The equation might change if it became clear that breast-feeding could protect babies from serious illnesses later in life." The implication is that in the future the government could outlaw such things as bottlefeeding, soft drinks, fast food, and candy sales to minors in the name of protecting children.
Why is this happening?
When we allow parents to murder their unborn children we try to make up for it by "protecting" the children that are left. When we contracept our way to only 1 or 2 children per family we tend to coddle them and try to insulate them from every possible danger. Also, when people don't have their hands full caring for their own children they have plenty of time to criticise others and meddle. Legislators simply need to back off and stop trying to take over the job of parenting to those who have been entrusted by God to do so.

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Donna said...

This is an extraordinary entry about society and how it seems bent on removing parents as the raisers of children. Thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth--as unpopular as society wants you to think it is!
I love your blog and I learned something new! A new spelling for "criticize"!
I feel smarter already!

God Bless you!