Monday, April 16, 2007

back home safe and sound

After a day of zooming around and looking at tiny houses, huge houses with only showers (how am I going to bathe 3 small children with no tub?), houses with no yards, and houses with only 5 rooms we found one that is going to work just fine. The lake within view is a bit scary to think about with little ones drawn towards water like moths to a flame, but it was the only house that fit our criteria so that is done (I know, meat is done, a task is finished or completed).

I didn't want to have to find a local parish near my father's house and endure any litugical antics so we left bright and early Sunday morning and drove 3 hours straight to Mass at our little parish. The look of surprise on Tim's face when he saw us all sitting there in our regular pew was so worth the countdown in the car. "We have 1 hour left to make it on time. Now we have 20 minutes to get to Mass, Mommy," from Chief Navigator Will. The huge rainstorm we drove through cancelled flights at several airports up and down the East Coast and made for not-so-safe driving conditions. Every few miles I imagined trying to rescue the kids from a swamp if we hydroplaned right off the road.

Now the house selling and house hunting parts of the move are finished I can focus on organizing all our stuff so the packing will go smoothly. Military movers are notorius for taking drawers out and dumping the contents directly into a box and packing the trash so this part is essential if I want my unpacking job to be orderly. Everything in the house that is not nailed down and not essential in the next month I will box and label. I have to separate all the items that we need to take to Maine for the summer, including all the items that I need for the house that I wrote on a list and put.... uh-oh. Well, I'll try to remember what they are and if not, I guess we didn't need it that badly.
Glad to be home and able to check off the "find house" block on my master checklist!


Tracy said...

Glad you had success down in these parts. Very glad you made it back safely.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

Glad you found a house! I can't even imagine a house without a bathtub!

Catholic Mom said...

Oh, the memories! I'm sure we could swap moving stories for hours! We've been doing these military moves for over 20 years now, but it looks like we're staying put here in Northern VA for quite a while yet. I am truly grateful. Though now that we've been in this house for going on 3 years, I can see the clutter starting to build. Moves do clear the decks pretty effectively. Good luck to you!