Saturday, April 28, 2007

bless me Father...

Today is Mary's first confession in anticipation for her First Holy Communion tomorrow. She is all ready with her new satin and tulle dress, her veil, new white shoes and stockings. She is prepared after studying the catechism every school day for almost 3 years, memorizing her prayers, and listening to Bible stories every evening almost her whole life. We went over the questions in her little Missal last night before Mass about what sins she needs to confess.
However, somehow I'm still not sure she is completely ready for the enormity of this Sacrament. I even asked her CCD teacher, "Are you sure she is prepared?" Mary has moments during Mass of not sitting quietly, pouting if she doesn't get to hold the baby, and not following along that make me think she doesn't understand.
But do any of us "get it"? Do any of us, except for the canonized Saints from days gone by, really contemplate at Mass the incredible gift Jesus gives us in the Eucharist? I hope after spending weeks, and now years teaching Mary to parrot back, "God made me to show his goodness and to make me happy with Him in Heaven," she will understand in her heart, as best as a 7 year old can, this gift from God.

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Michelle said...

Yes, I think we just need to pray that the graces of the sacrament do their thing and trust that ready or not, God's Spirit will be with them. The Eastern rites do the Eucharist from birth; some diocese are moving confirmation down to 3rd grade. I, myself, had a fraction of appreciation for the sacrament of marriage when I received it, but the grace worked in our lives regardless.

I hope she had a wonderful experience today and has another one tomorrow!