Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mt. Vernon revisited

Is it a field trip if you don't bring your camera?

I realized just after we crossed the American Legion Bridge that I had wiped my memory card clean and checked the batteries, but promptly left the camera sitting next to the computer. But we did bring our annual passes and since Charlie was still under the age limit to get in free, we saw George Washington's farm for cheap. Yeah, we spent a goodly sum on ice cream and an ornament for our Christmas tree, but in all we got to enjoy the 80 F weather and immerse ourselves in 18th century farming.

It is always important to have every child go to the bathroom at the same time as we learned the hard way today. Mt. Vernon has a child-friendly room in the museum where they can dress up, do puzzles, fit together a pottery bowl... but they are very strict that all children (18 and below) must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Well, of course we had several urgent potty trips while we were there so I had to gather everyone up, make them take off the gear, go down the long crowded hall to the bathroom, wait for them to emerge, and attempt it again. Finally after the 3rd time that a little person said, "I have to go," I gave up and after a visit to the last public bathroom I want to see in a long time, we went to the gift shop and home.

Only 2 more field trips left on our list: a return to the National Zoo and the Naval Academy. I think on Wednesday afternoons there is a field parade at USNA starting next week, but for that trip I will triple check that my camera is in my purse.

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Anonymous said...

There is a practice parade on Worden Field at 4:00 on April 5th at USNA and a formal parade on the 23rd at 4:00. Take lots of pics of the Brigade staff!