Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cub Scouts targeting homeschoolers?

In the latest Scouting magazine, sent to all Scout leaders, there is an article entitled, "Plug Into the Network" explaining why homeschoolers and their parents make great additions to any Cub Scout or Boy Scout troop. The author stresses that homeschoolers are very involved parents and have the time to make badge requirements part of the school day. He does warn that homeschoolers tend to have larger families and can't be expected to all sign up as leaders.

We have found Cub/Boy Scouting to be a wholesome, educational part of Will's life and look forward to many more years of Scout meetings, long drives to camp, and helping out with service projects. We have saved all his old uniforms in the dress up bin and the little boys love to wear them around the house. Charlie starts as a Tiger Scout next year and I am sure that he will enjoy being a real Scout much more than just playing one.


Natalie said...

Both my brothers were in Boy Scouts and my Dad was a leader for a bit too. They loved it and they all have they're Eagle Scout award as well. Hope your boys enjoy it as much as my brothers did.

Anonymous said...

We do not to boy scouts, but our kids participate in AWANA and I found it interesting that the kids who completed their books in our club are homeschool kids. I know we do make our kids learning of verses part of their school day and we can be more involved.

Deb Chitwood said...

My son participated in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and gained a lot. He was especially proud of the work he did to earn his God and Me and God and Family badges. We lived near a homeschool Boy Scout troop for two years, which was especially nice!