Saturday, April 03, 2010

off to pick a house

I've cleaned the house, well, scrubbed the bathrooms and vacuumed the stairs at least. I cleaned the basement last week for the property manager to walk through and the next day the kids trashed it in their zeal to uncover all the Easter baskets and eggs. That's just how it is these days, I can't clean faster than they mess up.

I've almost packed my suitcase and picked up 4 bags of Otterbein's cookies (the thinnest and crispest sugar cookie on the planet) for my grandmother. I've looked at pictures of houses until the images all run together and whittled the list down to 12 rentals to pick from. I think we have taken buying a house off the table unless they all balk at the size of our family.

I have also weaned Julia Ellen so I didn't have to take her with me and listen to her holler all the way down in the truck and have to stay up every night shushing her because she won't sleep through the night in a strange place. It seems strange to not be pulling up my shirt for her 6 times a day, but she has adjusted very well to sippy cups of milk and eating more table food. Meals with her are such a treat, she eats mushroom soup, chicken and rice, and scarfs down broccoli like it is chocolate cake.

It will be strange to be without any children for a few days, but I'm sure that Tim can handle it and likely will have the household chores delegated and completed far better than I usually manage. Hopefully I can complete my house-hunting mission and be back before they even notice that Mommy is gone.

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