Monday, April 12, 2010

the kid can dance

None of my children, thank goodness, have shown any interest in pop music, rolling up the window if some thug wanna-be with a pavement vibrating stereo pulls up next to us at the stop light. Will and Mary set their alarm clocks on the local classic music station and often ask me to play Beethoven's Wig CD set their Auntie Cheryl bought them for Christmas.

However, Mary and I had a blast standing in an aisle of Safeway the other night opening and closing the plethora of musical cards on display. Timmy received a Thomas the Tank engine card for Valentine's Day last year and drove us nuts playing it over and over for months, but we couldn't resist buying Julia Ellen one that might be an even bigger hit. For a mere $5 we get to see the baby bounce and smile her way through the old wedding hit, The Chicken Dance. Watching reminds me of the youtube video featuring a baby bouncing to Beyonce, but accordion music is about as cutting edge as we get around here.

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Mark said...

Our kids love Beethoven's Wig! It's great fun, especially Haydn's Great Surprise. They love to shriek and pretend to be surprised when the big "surprise" is played.