Thursday, April 22, 2010

poor phone etiquette

Yesterday mid-morning I was reading aloud to Mary on my bed and the baby woke up. She desperately wanted to be up on the bed so I gave her the phone to play with so she wouldn't stray too close to the edge. I figured she would hit some buttons and keep herself entertained while we finished up our work. Apparently she hit 911. A few minutes later two officers appeared on the front porch and we marveled at how a baby who hasn't even said her first word keyed the correct sequence. They told me that it happens a lot, but I was so mortified that I decided to not give Julia Ellen access to the phone again until she is 14.


Natalie said...

oh mY! I'm surpised neither of my boys have done that yet since I let them play with my phone so much. We keep trying to get our son to say "Hi, Grandma" but no luck.

Anonymous said...

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