Monday, April 26, 2010

a motrin please

The girls and I went up to visit the aunties this past weekend and I need a day to recover. My sister-in-law and her husband are turning their former farm into a private wooded park full of birds and wildlife. We walked on the grassy paths and walked down to the stream, where Maggie actually went swimming with the trout.

I love working outside in the quiet and after 8 months or so away from the farm, I wanted some quality time with a pair of pruners. I spent hours hacking at low hanging branches and brier bushes, resulting in scratches all over my hands and painful arm muscles. Later I scrubbed down in a really hot shower after finding, not one, not two, but three ticks crawling on me. Then I jumped at the chance to do it all again in the misty rain on Sunday afternoon (luckily no ticks that time around). Tomorrow we will go back to our regular schedule, but for today we decided to play hooky and not make Mommy do anything more strenuous than reading under the covers with a bag of chocolates.

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Natalie said...

you sound like me! I love doing outside work because it's great exercise and a wonderful way to burn off frustration too. =)