Saturday, July 14, 2007

I can post pictures!

Though the computer's loading capability is slower than molasses in winter.

Here are some of the famous lupines in Maine. The road crews do not mow the edges where there are clumps so the seedpods have time to dry and scatter their seeds for next year. We like to read the lupine lady storybook, Miss Rumphius, about this time every year.

Here is a post about my newest quilting project, a king-size split 9 patch in blue and white, now with a photo.

Here is a post about our new 12 passenger van.

Here is a post showing our yellow and white kitchen painting project.

Here is a post showing the lovely blue paint on the kitchen table and benches. This was taken before the rain came and made the paint peel off the top. They are now all fixed and in the kitchen. Due to a little seridipidy we might have a tenant for the house this fall. So, I hit the hardware store again this morning and bought 2 more gallons of blue and green, time to start the bedrooms!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Kat! You DO have my yellow!

And, thank you for telling it like it is, because even with only 2, I can't do it some days!

God Bless,

cathy said...

your pictures look great--like a pro! I love the blue furniture. I painted some things, and while it didn't rain, the dew ruined it.