Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"babies are our business"

What does it tell you about the people in the profession of teaching that kept their eyes shut so tight as to the NEA's fight to murder unborn children? It has been a major part of their political platform for decades as well as the promotion of liberal social engineering. Any delegate who is not aware of such has obviously been shut up in that closet that they accuse homeschoolers of being in.
Ten years ago I was not happy about joining the NEA, but was told that I must, "in case some whacko parent decides to sue you." While I do think most teachers only join for the legal protection, it is evident in their publications and in their promotion of political candidates that they are in the pocket of the NOW and Planned Parenthood death squads.

Pro-Lifers Make Impact at NEA Teacher Convention

Philadelphia, Jul 3, 2007 / 10:15 am (
CNA).- Seventy-five people, including teachers and students as young as eight years old, picketed the NEA convention in Philadelphia July 1.

Many NEA delegates openly expressed disbelief, skepticism and shock at the revelation that their union was involved in pro-abortion advocacy.

They seemed unaware of NEA's longstanding Family Planning Resolution, which supports "reproductive freedom" and "all methods of family planning", including abortion. They also seemed unaware that NEA is one of Planned Parenthood's primary advocates and had co-sponsored large pro-abortion rallies in Washington in 2004, 1992, and 1989.

Some delegates berated the pro-lifers and accused them of lying. Others thanked the demonstrators for underlining the issue. Others still, said they would raise the issue on the Convention floor and attempt to persuade NEA to abandon its pro-abortion agenda and activism.

"We joined NEA for collective bargaining representation; not to be misrepresented on socio-political or moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, or who to vote for,” said Bob Pawson, national coordinator of PLEAS and an NEA member. He requested that NEA totally disengage from the abortion issue in respect for the diversity of its 3.2 million members.

"Babies are our business,” he continued. “For NEA to condone, much less promote, killing babies in their wombs is not only a moral outrage; it's economic suicide. Abortion costs us our jobs."

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