Sunday, July 01, 2007

sheep farm day

We just returned home from a walk around an 80 dairy sheep operation looking at different types of fencing. Luckily the farmer has little girls so all 6 children played together and turned it into a great afternoon. Most of the talk went over my head as but I did learn some basics of wire and electric fencing options. I Googled the names of some of the big fence companies and am now on several mailing lists. By reading these I will likely learn more than I ever want to know about deer deterrent tape, spacers, live wires, braces, and corner posts.

Going to the local organic coop store and the Common Ground Fair with the children I have been under the impression that the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) types are hostile to those like me, whom they term "breeders." And after reading publications like Mother Earth News it is apparent that greenie-type liberals don't care for children, whom they look on as little ecological disasters. However, the other folks from the group on the walk today seemed like nice ordinary farmers. Now, they could all be sitting down to dinner and exclaiming, "Did you see how many children that woman had! She is single-handly ruining the planet and causing global warming!" but I will assume that instead they said, "What a lovely family, those children are a real blessing to us all."

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