Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Will!

Has it really been 9 years since Tim and I began the parenting journey? I remember (not so originally) wondering why they were letting us walk out the hospital door with this tiny creature. I had never held a baby or changed a diaper, much less been totally responsible for another human life before.

Today at the pond I heard an older gentleman praise you, saying how well spoken you are, how polite and kind you are to your siblings. Perhaps I haven't done too badly in the last 9 years and I did manage to keep you clean and fed.

Will, you are a great kid. It sometimes seems you have a lot of responsibility heaped on your shoulders, but you make me proud. You have an infectious sense of fun, a generous heart, a helpful attitude, and a gift for all things mechanical. If you follow a path of attempting to do God's will, then the future is bright with possibilities.

May God look down on you and smile, my precious first-born little boy.

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