Thursday, June 21, 2007

kitchen update

After my morning run (yes, I took Mary) I was at the hardware store at 7am. The paint counter lady was there and sold me some primer for the cabinets. She is now my second favorite local in town because she asked Tim when he went in the other day to pick up the yellow paint, "How does your wife stay so skinny?"

My all time favorite Mainer is the old man who asked me a few years back in the Shop'n'Save parking lot, "Are you a movie star?" Let me tell you, though we have movie stars come to town while on vacation and shop at the local organic market (Kirstie Alley), I am not one of them. Can you imagine having your cellulite and belly flab pointed out on tabloid covers at every grocery store in America?

Anyway, the cabinets do look much improved even with the top doors off and the primer applied. And perhaps I look so improved in the crisp, cool Maine summers that I do resemble Jennifer Aniston.


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