Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Tim you are a great Dad, despite, or perhaps because you never thought you would become a father. You read stories, patiently tutor Will in piano and the dreaded multiplication tables, change countless nappies, preside over bath time, and shove mush into little bird-like mouths. You take the time to explain car maintenance to the boys and willingly listen when the girls try to teach you about color coordination. You praise, correct, chastise, thank, and discipline.

A couple of new t shirts is poor compensation for the hours you spend helping raise our children, but you need them and you don't play golf or need a new tie (one is enough!).

"Thank you Daddy! We love you!,"
Will, Mary, Maggie, Charlie, and Timmy (okay, he didn't actually say it, but just tried to eat a bug that Tim fished out, so he meant it)

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