Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Martha Stewart, watch out!

Last week I finally had enough of peeling vinyl wallpaper in our bathroom and almost before I knew what had happened 1/2 of the tiny room was only sporting glue resin. I figured watching years of design shows on HGTV and This Old House counted for something and certainly the helpful folks at the hardware store could give me a few pointers. Maggie turned out to be a great helper in peeling wallpaper and all the kids wanted to try painting. After upteem trips to said hardware store for scrapers, joint compound, razor blades, paint, brushes, patch kit, and wallpaper remover I now have a beautiful sky blue bathroom with bright white trim and fluttering Italian linen curtains at the window. Every time I pass the doorway I stop and admire my handiwork. The rest of our vacation house screams "1970's tacky" but that one bath is a work of art.

Well, since I figured it only took me a week to finish that project, you can figure out what happened next. The wallpaper in the kitchen hit the floor yesterday during nap time and bright buttercup yellow paint is waiting for me in the garage. Tim took 4 of the children up to the farm for an hour or two. Timmy is snoozing away and I have sanded down the walls and put on the first coat of white on the trim. The ugly insulating curtains are in the trash to be replaced by pretty white ones I found yesterday at Reny's.
Somehow I didn't have the nerve to do anything drastic until this year. Boy, I wish I had done this 5 years ago instead of living with it just 'cause "we are only here for such a short time." If you have a project that is beckoning, get off the computer and just start. It will be finished before you know it and will brighten your mood too!
update: The yellow is really bright, it clashes terribly with the ugly brown fake wood cabinets. Seems there are two options: live with it, or look into painting the cabinets white.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Isn't it FUN?

However, my DIY projects have gotten to the point where my husband looks absolutely tired every time I say, "Honey, I've been thinking..."

We are getting ready to install Bella Wood Brasilian Cherry Floors--ourselves.

I'd love to see some pictures!

Michelle said...

Paint 'em white. It's a massive chore. Maybe next summer?

Anonymous said...

I second paint them white. Tho I think you are already going that route since I see you got primer...

That is the color of our kitchen. We like it. The whole house ysed to be that color, but it got to be a bit like living in a post it note cube!

Have SO much fun and congrats on the weight loss! I LOVE DIY's (though the yard has been my primary focuse this year). And like the poster above, Chuck too looks weary, and dreads going anywhere like Lowe's with me. I'm surprised he hasn't called the cable company and asked them to disconnect HGTV yet!