Saturday, June 02, 2007

I did it!

Yesterday morning I stepped onto the scale and found _ _0.0 staring back at me. After an hour I wanted to see again and it was 1/2 pound less. I lost those last 5 stubborn pounds I had been trying to lose for months now! Don't know how other than holding Timmy in the pool for 90 minutes each evening, trying not to eat everything nailed down, and drinking lots of water since it is sooo hot here.

The downside? I bought a new expensive Speedo bathing suit on Tuesday because both of my old suits had become see-through. To say it politely, taking 5 kids to Dick's Sporting Goods to shop for a bathing suit is NOT my idea of a pleasant shopping experience. I told Will and Mary to go over to the fishing section and just look, no touching, while I grabbed some suits and pushed the whole cart into the changing room with my maximum 3 items. If I wanted a different size I had to get dressed, grab my bag and all three little ones to seize it off the rack. That got old very quickly so I just bought the most plain blue tank I could find. Well, now it seems a wee bit big and I keep having to tug the backside down a bit when I get out- there doesn't seem to be enough bottom for the material to grip. I have some errands to run this morning now that Tim is back from checking out of his old command. I might sneak over there and try on some slightly smaller and more fashionable suits with only the girls in tow.

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