Friday, June 01, 2007

bye bye whining Charlie

A new friend asked me yesterday if Timmy was a good baby. "Oh yes, he is a wonderful baby," I replied as I kissed his soft head, "Charlie was the difficult one from day one until..."
Well, I realized at that instant that Charlie has matured, has become more compliant, more cheerful, and less fussy. He is willing to say "yes" more times than "no" and now waddles off after the others to play outside in the sand rather than simply hug my knee and fuss. He will be 3 in less than two weeks now and even though I have grown used to his difficult ways I am much more excited about a Charlie with a soft voice and and a more independent spirit. I have to balance this with the recognition that the baton might have been handed to Mary, our new tattletale queen.
Family life apparently never reaches a state of perfection, its always a balancing act.

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Michelle said...

Tattletale Queen indeed. My almost 6 year old daughter would think that title a badge of honor.