Friday, June 08, 2007

We made it!

Well, it was a looong two day car ride from North Carolina to Maine. I swear the entire state of Massachusetts was one big traffic jam. The kids were great, Timmy especially is a great traveler and even fell right asleep in the pack'n'play at the hotel. We made it to Connecticut the first day and splashed in the pool for the kids to get their energy out. I got to soak in their hot tub to soothe away the stresses from trying to keep up with Tim in my huge van. I do love the space and being able to see over everyone, but the width makes me nervous about sideswiping someone, especially tractor trailers and the height exacerbates my fear of bridges. By the time we hit the state line I was so grateful to be out of traffic that I did a little happy dance in my seat. When I read the sign at the border that reads, "Maine, come for a vacation, stay for a lifetime" I wished we didn't have to go back.
The fresh air and cool temperatures in Maine have driven us all out of the house after the obligatory unpacking and grocery run. I have already weeded the front flower bed and spread compost from last year's pile on as mulch. The trees and shrubs have begun to get their annual hacking back, and our brand new John Deere tractor was delivered out to the farm this afternoon. Tim stayed behind to mow after I brought the kids and a picnic lunch while we waited for the delivery truck. After a few photo shots and a meeting with the architect of our soon-to-be-constructed garage, (for above mentioned tractor) I drove a bunch of very tired children back to the house in town. They are all out playing on the swings and in the very shallow stream while I rest and Timmy naps.
Now that the computer is in one spot for the next few months I am glad to return to the blogging world once more!

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Donna said...

Welcome *back*! I've missed your musings....

Enjoy and God Bless you all!