Tuesday, June 12, 2007

missing teeth

There is a on-going debate in our house of the milestone separating little kids from big kid status. Will claims that it is, "when you lose your first baby tooth," while Tim and I insist that it occurs, "when you learn to use the potty."

Of course Will picked his designation because Maggie can use the potty but has not yet lost any teeth. He loves to torture his little sister, but I am hoping they will both outgrow this phase and be best friends one day. She was so funny to listen to when she explained to our dentist, "I get a dollar under my pillow when I lose a baby tooth, but not if it is green or black. That happens when you don't brush your teeth and you don't get any money for those."

Mary has lost two teeth in the last two weeks, one never managed to make it under the pillow so last night the tooth fairy put $2 for the teeth and 50 cents extra for interest. She now has 3 gaps in her smile, including the front top teeth which makes her look more beautiful than any supermodel, at least from a mommy's point of view.


Mama Bear June said...

Too cute!

Congrats on reaching your weight loss goal! :-D

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow! Two teeth plus interest!

I think I like your tooth fairy. :)

We once had to leave the tooth fairy a note because N. really LOST the tooth he lost.
The tooth fairy was generous, but did not think to leave interest.