Thursday, June 14, 2007

look ma, no hands!

Yesterday afternoon we drove out to the farm with cupcakes and fireworks for Charlie's birthday. Unfortunately, Charlie ate too much chocolate frosting and threw up on himself, the carseat, and the van seat on the way home, but it is all cleaned up now.

When we arrived, Tim was beginning to re-mow the fields and decided that it was a good time for my first tractor driving lesson. This isn't some dinky lawn mower, it is an intimidating John Deere tractor with a 7' mower and a bucket on the front.

After about 15 minutes I took off down the field in 1st gear at about 5 mph. With a little more confidence I put it in 2nd and made 3 passes before the kids flagged me down to ask if it was time for cupcakes.

My rows were so neat and my turns so polished that I felt like a NASCAR driver in the winner's circle. I do want to thank all the little people who made it possible: my husband for the instructions on how to drive the thing, my son for telling me how to engage the PTO, and especially my patient mother for teaching me to drive a stick shift all those years ago.

While I don't think I will do a lot of mowing this summer, due to baby Timmy's need to be held, I have confidence that it is now something I can put on my resume under farming skills.

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