Sunday, March 01, 2009

get me to the confessional!

After several weeks one of us missing Mass due to sick kids, a sick husband, and late nights of contractions, this morning our whole family were sitting in our two regular pews. It had been pressing on my heart to go to Confession before I went into labor just in case something terrible happens. Nothing will I'm sure, but I worry anyway. It must be genetic, my grandmother could win a gold medal if fretting and worrying were Olympic events.

However, there was a note on the front door when we pulled up to the church, "No Confessions today." I got all the little ones in their seats, pulled jackets off before going next door to use the facilities. When I got back into the vestibule Tim said, "They are having confession, hurry and get in line." Luckily I didn't waste any time, he only heard 4 confessions before needing to vest for Mass. While I feel bad for the 10 people behind me that didn't get to go, I feel much more prepared to bring a new child into the world with my soul free from mortal sin. I just hope the baby comes soon or I'm sure I'll have to get back in line next week!


Milehimama said...

I always feel the same way!

I hate that my church doesn't hear confessions on Sundays. It makes it so much more difficult!

Anonymous said...

We went Saturday. I walked out and thought, "Ahh reconciliation... the best feeling in the world! It is so nice to feel holy: at least for the next five minutes!"

Glad you got to go!