Friday, March 20, 2009

soooo tired

After reading two chapters of Understood Betsy to the older children on my bed I pulled the blanket over me and shut off the light... at 7:30. Baby Julia Ellen woke up at 9:30, 2, and 5 to eat. The next thing I heard was banging on the front door. "I accidentally left my keys in the house. Did you hear me calling and knocking for 3 minutes?" Tim asked after I wearily unbolted the front door.

This house is odd in that a dropped sippy cup sounds from the floor below like a bomb going off, and you can hear conversations in the basement guest room from the MB bathroom, but everywhere else sounds are completely obliterated. After Tim left I crawled back into bed and didn't emerge from my warm cocoon until 7:30. A large cup of hot cocoa has perked me up, but I think only another 12 hour sleeping session with a few nursing interruptions will put me to rights.

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