Saturday, March 14, 2009


The book report is finished! Completed! In the manila mailer!
Tim took a week of paternity leave and I gave him one task: get Will's book report written. Yes, I doubted, and really started to panic when Thursday morning dawned and he hadn't started writing actual paragraphs yet, but was still working on the 9 pages of study questions. But after an 8 hour day of sitting at his desk, he finished up at 6pm. Yes, he acted like he was dying, he fell off his chair from "exhaustion and hunger" but since the child only works about 3 hours a day on a regular school day, I think he was overdoing the "poor pitiful Pearl" bit.

"Almanzo was out there in the corn field for hours pouring water on those frozen plants so they would have enough to eat. Would you be pitching in, or lazing in bed? This is your work- do it!" (we are still reading Farmer Boy)

Yes, we have another challenge on the horizon: Mary still has to do her book report on Black Beauty, but Tim has to go back to work on Monday...

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