Monday, March 02, 2009

military wife duty

When I was 7 months pregnant with Maggie and Tim deployed that summer, I had to continue mowing the lawn. When he was still deployed the following spring I had to resume mowing the lawn. Today, when it snowed 6" and Tim is an hour's bus ride away, I propped up a ladder against the side of the van and scraped the ice and snow off most of the windshield. I would rather be uncomfortable this morning and then be able to change into dry pants and socks than be scraping and having to pause for contractions or in the worst case, be trapped at home in hard labor and have to put my study of, "What to do if you have to give birth with no one around," into effect.

My guess is with all this preparation, one false alarm trip already to L&D on Saturday, and contingency plans posted on the fridge, I'll go to 41 weeks and have to be induced. But at least the windshield will be ice free.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kat! You poor gal!

Here I have been questioning me sanity about CHOOSING to live somewhere where it snowed...76+ inches this year as I have shoveled the driveway for the upteenth time. At least I wasn't pg. Wow! I wish I was closer so we could have come and helped you!

Still thinking the 4th I am!

God Bless,