Sunday, March 29, 2009

mission accomplished

Boy did Julia Ellen howl during the blessing of salt and the annointing with chrism, but once Msgr. Olszyk made the Sign of the Cross on her head and started pouring water on her forehead, she quieted right down.
Part of the story behind the Christening bowl is that when the Yankees came during the Civil War to evict the family and burn down the plantation house, they allowed 1 wheelbarrow load of goods to be taken. The bowl fell out among the bedlam and broke, but was repaired later at Tiffany's in New York. All of the children, save Mary (who was baptized in Italy), have been among the 14 generations who have had water dipped out and poured over their heads to remove Original Sin.


Mau said...

Wow, very cool story about the bowl!

Congratulations baby Julia Ellen!

Karen said...

Welcome to The Faith little Julia!

Anonymous said...

Really neat Kat! God bless little Julia Ellen this day and always!