Saturday, March 21, 2009

future vocations?

On Thursday afternoon a fellow mom picked up the girls for their American Heritage Girls meeting and Timmy was in the middle of a nap, which left the bigger boys alone in peace to play. Instead of getting out the light sabers for their daily practice, Will set up an "altar" and credence table with all the proper Mass supplies. I snuck down the stairs after feeding the baby and giggled at the sight of Will instructing his 4 year old brother on how to be an altar server, "hold the cruets like THIS... kneel right here... NOW ring the bell..."

When they asked for hosts I said they could use club crackers, but they soon found that Nilla Wafers work much better. I can't tell you how many times they received "communion" but that box went from being full to close to empty before the girls came home.

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Mau said...

Very cute. Our three oldest used to play this game when they were younger, too. Of course the two girls were nuns and their brother was the priest :-)