Friday, March 09, 2007

zoo day

Today was the kid's last day of vacation with their auntie visiting so we hit the dentist (wiping out his prize drawer) and then went to the local zoo. We watched as the lion roared from the top of her rock perch, the meerkats dug and chatted, the elephants grazed, the giraffes licked hay with their lengthy tongues, and the ostriches copulated. I dragged the little ones off before they could hear rude comments from the teens who subsequently noticed the commotion in the ostrich yard.
It was a bright sunny day and we stuffed all the coats in the car and wandered around in just sweaters. Timmy has outgrown the infant car seat stroller just in time-the thing is literally falling apart after 3 children's use, a screw came out yesterday and the wheel fell off today. He wanted to squirm right out of it and had to be carried all around the zoo.
This week was a good field trip week and now we have the energy and motivation to start back with the books on Monday. After all our adventures, it will be calming to just stay home and do schoolwork for a good, long while.

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