Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm not artsy enough I guess

Sunday afternoon two of the children and I attended the last of the Symphony's peanut butter and jam series for children.
Thank goodness.
While I enjoyed tremendously the Christmas concert and the review of John Williams pieces such as Star Wars, this combo choral, orchestral, and interpretive dance piece was just plain wierd. The kids wiggled in their seats, but luckily I had just bought a book, Hallelujah Handel in the lobby so Mary settled down to read in the dim light while Will and I suffered through an hour of boredom. When the main lights went up we sprinted for the door, passing dozens of sleeping children.
I did notice that much of the cost of production was from the National Endowment for the Arts. Are they just a milk cow for bad art or do they do anything that promotes beauty? (If this and the Elephant Dung Madonna picture are representative of what our tax dollars support than we should de-fund it immediately.)
We just finished reading the Handel book and I will admit that I cried at the ending of the Author's Note, "And so every time we hear that wonderful 'Hallelujah Chorus,' especially at Christmas, we are reminded that the spirit of love and humanity will always conquer fear and poverty." I am grateful for the silver lining, that I found this beautiful book that tells the story of the most recognized piece of classical music in history.

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