Saturday, March 31, 2007

When did I go from Mommy to Mom?

A few months ago I was overwhelmed with the amount of paper bits accumulated from 3 children's art projects, first scribblings, awards, and such. After several were destroyed by baby Timmy I bought cardboard boxes, wrote their names on them and put them up high for safety. With limited space only the most precious papers go in the boxes, but these notes written by Will are certainly worthy. The children made a tree fort yesterday in the crape myrtle out front, dragging every toy, boot, helmet, and chair to furnish it. I was upstairs reading and these messages were delivered to me.

To MOM From will We have a new house, in Main. And It is nice out here. Will
To MOM The nabor chidren are comeing ni our house. It is anoiing, and I would like to have you come over to our house to chat and talk aboute it. 3719 Tree rd. 23329
(the neighbor children were their younger brother and sister) Did you notice all the commas? Just covered that in English, as well as addresses.

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