Friday, March 16, 2007

scavenger hunts

Kim, over at Life in a Shoe gave me an idea for a game that gives the kids some mental challenges as well as a bit of exercise. I made up 16 clues based on places in our house and sent the kids to find all of them. After a few glitches, Will and Mary raced around the house at top speed, up and down the stairs. (I did try to alternate floors)
I tried to make the clues cryptic, but not too challenging, such as: "Mary Poppins told Jane and Michael to feed the ____." Other were "Blue and white checks are seen in the mirror," and "A colorless Nativity."
It was interesting to see that Mary, 18 months younger was deciphering the riddles first, but Will was beating her to the next due to speed. So, I re-hid them all and let them do the game individually. It was a great way to shake some dust from their minds and feet!

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Denise said...

We do scavenger hunts all the time here! Usually just for a few items, but if I'm feeling really saucy, I'll have the clues add up to a fun activity....for example finding a paint brush, paper, a cup for water etc. and then we'll paint. I even let the boys make up their own list and then I have to help the younger ones hunt. But I guess then I'm the one getting the exercise!