Thursday, May 05, 2011

an utter whirlwind

The next few weeks seem to be just a list of to-be-checked-off items: piano guild, ballet pictures, Scout crossover, a hospital procedure, a race, fundraisers, recitals, parties, the priest over for supper, and Will's confirmation. Even today, in which I put aside most of the schoolwork, I managed to fill my morning rushing downtown with a moaning Mary in the backseat. Luckily all I had to do was pass her off to Tim at the front door of the hospital, trusting that he can get her some meds for her apparent ear infection before her piano guild audition this afternoon. 

I'm almost glad to be able to take my mind off some of the big issues going on right now in our lives (I'll spill once I hear good or bad news for sure, right now it is just waiting), knowing that Mary's pain is not serious and she will quickly be put to rights with some antibiotics. When I look at the headlines I know that my problems are small potatoes compared with millions of others, so I shall thank God for the blessings I have and not be so upset about what I can not control.      

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