Tuesday, May 17, 2011

chugging along

I'm amazed at how quickly the children's schoolwork is progressing. Maggie finished up English and religion yesterday and only has about a week left in math. Charlie, despite officially beginning 1st grade in January, starts the 3rd Faith and Family reader today and has about 8 days left in phonics and math, and finished religion, science, and history weeks ago. Mary has been down to spelling and Latin for at least a month, and Timmy only has about 3 pages left of his last preschool workbook. Will finished science and art for the year and is currently studying for his final religion and history tests.
That only leaves spelling to continue for everyone for many weeks to come, at least 3/4 of the Algebra 1/2 text for Will, and since he is now on the 3rd quarter book report, that leaves a whole quarter worth of work and yet another book report before he finishes up 7th grade. We will persevere and utilize our brand-new schoolroom on the farm, doing about an hour of school each morning before releasing them for fun and lessons. I'm in the process of scheduling summer activities and the list makes me a little dizzy: 6 children swimming, 4 sailing, 3 continuing piano lessons, 2 in riding lessons, 3 going to camp, and at least 1, perhaps 2 in the Hershey Track and Field meet in June.  Ideally all the activities would mesh so I don't have to drive 10 miles to swimming lessons on 5 different days, but I'm grateful we have the opportunity to get them involved, the resources to afford it, and the beautiful Maine scenery to enjoy while doing it.

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