Sunday, May 29, 2011

one last hurrah

Saturday morning the big girls and I woke at dark o'thirty and headed downtown to the Elizabeth River 10K Run. The lovely course goes through Olde Towne, the historic residential area of Portsmouth where I grew up, along the seawall with views of navy ships in drydock, and around Hospital Point with the oldest Navy hospital in the US (where both myself and my oldest child were born). It would have been more pleasant if the weather hadn't been quite so hot and steamy at 8:00am, but after watching the girls run their 1 mile run, I started out strong for the first 2 miles and slowed down for the next 2. But after I hit the 5 mile marker I knew that I could finish and despite having been passed all through the course, managed to place 2nd in my age group. All my running buddies assured me that placing in this race was a real accomplishment as it is one of the bigger 10Ks in the area.

I'm proud of myself not only for my speed, but for doing it while squeezing in packing, company for the weekend, and mentally prepping for the 14 hour drive we will undertake within the next 18 hours.

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