Thursday, May 19, 2011

all homeschoolers are "green-ribbon" schools

( – Next year on Earth Day, the Obama administration plans to announce which U.S. schools have been selected as “Green Ribbon Schools,” a designation that will “honor” schools for “creating healthy and sustainable learning environments” and for “teaching environmental literacy.”The Green Ribbon Schools program was announced in late April, but details on how schools will be picked or what the honor entails have not been released.
Jo Ann Webb, spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Education, told that the program is still under development.
Webb said the program would recognize schools for “engaging students on environmental issues and producing environmentally literate students; increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy technologies; and creating healthy learning environments by addressing environmental issues in the schools.”
As soon as I heard about this while on my daily run listening to Rush, I thought that homeschoolers could inundate the Dept of Ed with applications. After all, homeschoolers use less carbon because they don't ride the bus or require mom to drive them to school, recycle their books and clothes, don't waste food at lunch, don't require massive buildings to house one aspect of their lives, and shut off the lights when they leave the classroom (plus school only takes 1/2 the time it does in public school). The savings in electricity and temperature control alone make every homeschooling family so environmentally friendly that the standard tree-hugger is "green" with envy.

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