Saturday, April 30, 2011

packing...yet again

Hopefully, hopefully, this might be the last time I have to sort and pack the books we will use next school year before we have finished the current one, and do the same for clothes we will wear in the cool fall weather while currently it is 85F. I won't say anything more than that, since I don't want to jinx it, but currently I am organizing things and starting to stack up boxes throughout the house.
The children and I leave for Maine in about a month, ready to leave suburbia and get to the farm. The little boys are asking twice a day now, "How many days until we leave for Maine?" They are looking forward to riding up and down the driveway, making bike jumps out of scrap lumber, climbing up to the treehouse in the big oak, and helping Mommy gather rocks from the garden beds after Tim tills them with the tractor. I am looking forward to seeing my 99% completed home and am dreaming of landscape designs, "How far out should I plant that perfect specimen cut-leaf Japanese maple on the corner of the front flower bed?"

But while we are looking forward to lazy summer days of sitting on Adirondack chairs and sipping lemonade, we must focus and wrap up our current life here. The final piano recital is tonight, and guild competition is this week, ballet pictures and recitals are next month, and Will is being confirmed toward the end of May. In between all the activities and intensive schooling will be the on-going list making and taping up of boxes all directed toward rooms that barely had the paint dry the last time I saw them.

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