Thursday, January 06, 2011

something to eat, dear?

One of Maggie's Christmas gifts from her aunties was a craft book showing the many neat things one can make using Sculpy, a polymer clay. She has gone wild making tiny foods for the dollhouse family, cherry pie, chocolate chip cookies, an ice cream sundae, bread, and a turkey. This seems to be the gift she has enjoyed the most, and as it is creative, I am more than happy to bake her little creations in the oven. We pulled the table and dolls out of their little home because the light was too dim inside to get a clear photo of Maggie's lovely delicacies. 

The girls' dollhouse is an antique, built for the daughter of the Bremerton, Washington shipyard commanding officer during the Great Depression. Every generation has added something, such as new wallpaper or furniture (My aunt Ellen repainted the dining room set shown above). A few years back I painted several of the rooms and made new bedcovers. Maggie is certainly doing her part to make the dolls' home more comfortable.   

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