Friday, January 14, 2011

can I spell "mortification"?

I didn't know at all what to expect from yesterday's homeschool spelling bee, but after studying with Will for 3 months, I didn't expect him to get eliminated in the second round with the word ignite. It wasn't a word he ever spelled wrong for me, we were focusing on words he was having trouble with like fortification, oscillation, and Mesopotamian. He said that he knew every word given after that one. I also didn't expect to get kicked out of the room because of the little kid's muffled whispers, it was so quiet you could have heard a mouse squeak in the corner. Out in the hallway was a man in a bee costume, which terrified Julia Ellen to no end, so we spent a great deal of time standing far away trying to get her to wave to the bee and make buzzing noises.

Well, I'm pretty bummed out because now my best speller only has only 1 more year to participate. Well, I should focus on the positives: we both learned how to spell a lot of words, he did have the experience of a bee, and he does want to try again next year. I learned what words to focus on (we spent valuable time reviewing the 1st-5th grade words, which weren't covered at all) and learned that next year the little kids will stay home with a babysitter.

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dstb said...

I give Will a lot of credit for having the guts to participate and also for saying he wants to try again next year.

I was going to suggest the Turbo Twist Spelling Game, so that he could practice on his own, but holy cow! I had now idea how expensive they were. I did find some on eBay for much, much less, but some quality time with Mom is probably better.