Monday, January 10, 2011

prep time

With Will's spelling bee on Thursday afternoon and a 3 mile race up and down Mt. Trashmore for me on Saturday, this week is all about preparation. Will and I have been working on word lists since mid-October and are finally down to a mere 25 or so flashcards of words that he has trouble with such as fortification and roux. I am trying to get in enough distance this week not to reduce my stamina, but not so much that I risk getting injured. The last time I ran this cross-country series a few years back I ran the first race with an injury and did very poorly. This time around I want to run at top form in every race. So, while I'm keeping tabs on what is going on in the world and keeping the kids on track with their schoolwork, all my normal blogging time is being spent getting ready for our two upcoming events.

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Annie Kate said...

Oh, I'm sorry to have frightened you!

This was a very, very unusual hs spelling bee, and the words I listed were the kind that would have been used at the national level because we had two previous national-level finalists at our bee. That's why it went crazy.

Your son can expect the words to be much more reasonable.

But it was still an amazing experience for all of us.

I hope all goes well on Thursday!

Annie Kate