Friday, January 21, 2011

mother's helper

Over the past few years of homeschooling I have hired homeschooled teens to help watch the little children while I did school with the bigger kids with varying success. Perhaps it was their immaturity or the layout of our house in Maryland that made it not work out well, but after a friend suggested her college-age daughter, I reconsidered the option.

So, after spelling out that I want Karen to play with the little boys, read to them, do puzzles and games as well as keep Julia Ellen out of trouble, we made arrangements for her to come over for a few hours on Monday. We shall see how it goes, if I can focus on schoolwork rather than worrying that Julia Ellen is getting into more mischief and that Charlie and Timmy are not watching Veggie Tales for the 800th time, it will be worth the extra cleanup and expense. If not, then I'm sure they will have every single Silly Song With Larry memorized by the end of May.     

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Renee said...

My kids have occasionally sat for families where one parent is at home (usually doing an at home job in another room)- it works okay at best because the kids know their mom/dad is still there...
hope this solution works