Tuesday, January 25, 2011

deployment/TAD syndrome

With Tim away this week I have been fortunate enough to have the dishwasher leak all over the kitchen floor twice, giving me much more laundry to do with all the sopping wet towels as well as the added burden of having to wash every dish by hand. I shouldn't complain, after all many people have no dishwasher at all, and some have less food these days to put on those plates or no little children to feed. But despite the priest getting his shoes wet while blessing our home yesterday I've been a little uneasy. Noises at night have kept me up and a mysterious clattering from the garage left me checking on all the children and prowling about the doors and windows ready to shoot an intruder. We live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but it will be good to have the man about the place again.  


Lauren said...

Hope everything stays safe and in working order for you! Enjoying your blog.

Ute said...

Why is it that these things (like a leaking dishwasher) tend to happen just when the guys are gone? When I first started out as a military wife I thought the other spouses were exaggerating. But it's true!!!
I know it's not much of a comfort, but I'm feeling with you. Hope Tim comes back soon!