Monday, October 11, 2010

a useful tip

If, by chance, your 19 month old manages to lock herself in the bathroom, don't panic. Don't call your husband on his cell phone and hysterically ask, "What should I do?" Don't take the doorknob apart. Don't call the fire department.

What you should do is calmly look above the door sill for the tool to unlock the door. Or you could go in the garage and get a big screwdriver and mallet and take off the hinges, which is what the firemen eventually did. 

The little boys really got a kick out of seeing the big red fire engine stop in front of our house. I'm grateful they didn't get to hear the siren as it came down our block. What the neighbors must think, "Those people with ALL those kids have only been here a week, I wonder what they are going to do next?"


Michelle said...

Mine was about 22 mo old when he locked himself in his bedroom. I broke the door down (cheap door). Oh was my husband mad (we rented and he had to replace the door). He was in a meeting and there was no way I was going to be that wife who calls hysterically needing help (I had already called my dad, hysterically, and he couldn't offer any good advice).

Good story, Kat!

Susannah said...

This made me laugh! My daughter locked herself in the bathroom when she was about 18 months. Luckily I managed to talk her into UNlocking the door before I had to call the fire department. Currently, our bathroom does not lock, as I have two toddlers.:)

Natalie said...

LOL That is why all of our doors have the baby proof turn knobs on them or else mine would be running down the street naked. =)