Wednesday, October 06, 2010

combatting shyness

Mary is my shy child, unable to even speak to others when she is in a new situation and it takes all my patience to not get frustrated with her. Yesterday she started piano lessons with a new teacher (her 4th teacher due to our constant moving) and ballet class. Perhaps I shouldn't have scheduled both on the same day, she was so nervous by the time we got to the ballet studio that she felt nauseous. The staff was very kind and she sat and watched the other girls for 20 minutes before joining in. Tap class starts this evening and we will see how she handles yet another new experience. I'm sure she will eventually grow out of this fear, but for now the first day of class is hard on all of us.  

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dstb said...

Poor Mary. Are you sure she is not my daughter? I used to vomit on the first day of school every year.

I did outgrow it though. I am sure Mary will overcome her shyness.

My oldest boy (age 13) is also quite shy. He manages to get his younger brother to handle things - like request a hold on a library book. I used to have my younger brother do things like that for me because I was so afraid of making a mistake and being embarrassed. I find it frustrating that my son is the same way, but I know he will eventually get over it. I'm still not as outgoing as my brother, but I do okay and so will Mary.