Saturday, October 16, 2010

a homeschooling family

Since Will shows some aptitude in the areas of science and math we are encouraging him to contemplate engineering as a career goal. Even though he is now only in 7th grade we found that we must adjust his courses so he can take Calculus and Physics while still in high school. Right now he is working through Saxon 7/6 at double speed to be able to finish it in one semester and then move on to Algebra 1/2 next semester so he can be taking Algebra 1 in 8th grade. 

With this goal in mind, Tim has taken over Will's math instruction, leaving me to concentrate on teaching his other subjects as well as the other 4 children's schoolwork. After a few weeks I have been pleased to note that this change has worked out well for all involved. Will is getting better grades since his father is more skilled in explaining numerical concepts, Tim is spending time with his son in a constructive way, and I am relieved of the entire burden of educating 5 children and keeping a toddler out of mischief.

Even though Tim works incredibly long hours, it speaks volumes about what a great dad he is to sacrifice his little free time to sit every evening with a sometimes surly boy to go over his errors, teach him the new material, and grade his lessons. I'm very blessed to have, not only a husband supportive of homeschooling but one who is willing to pitch in when the going gets a little rough.  

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Nancy said...

Tim sounds like a very cool homeschooling dad! It helps so much when dad can take over an area of their schooling. And Will sounds like a math whiz!