Wednesday, October 13, 2010

that Boy Scout training paid off

While Will doesn't qualify to receive a Medal of Heroism, he does get kudos for responding to my shrieks and his excellent first aid skills. I wasn't being the smartest mother on the planet when I pressed on the foot pedal while threading the needle of my sewing machine and the needle went right through my index finger nail. He raced upstairs and saw me sitting on the floor looking very pale and yelling for him to get the pliers. After he yanked the needle out, he patched me up with antibiotic ointment and a bandaid.

I did sit back down at the machine later in the afternoon and finish making his St. Benedict costume for the All Saint's Day party as well as sheepskin looking vests for two future shepherds in the Christmas pageant. I'm not so sure I need a tetanus shot since it wasn't rusty, but I'll go get one anyway because Will is so insistent.


Renee said...

a tetanus shot is good for 10 yrs.... so I'd only go if you have no clue when the last one was

kat said...

Oh, Will called his father after he administered first aid. Military medicine has electronic records of stuff like this and it popped right up, "Tetanus booster needed immediately," because it has been over 10 years. The question was how unlikely that I could contract tetanus from a clean looking sewing machine needle.

Natalie said...

Oh Wow! You have a brave and smart boy there!