Saturday, October 30, 2010

1st place!

Okay, okay, 1st place in my age bracket (though I beat all the women in the ages above and below me as well). The time? Not so great. 24:03, but I did have to swerve, shimmy, and wiggle around a whole lot of folks who shouldn't have started anywhere near the front. Mary came in 4th among 10-14 year olds (which seemed to be a very competitive age) with 29:00.

Our next race will be in 2 weeks, the girls will be running a 3K, while I'm in the 8K. Good thing it has finally gotten cooler here in Virginia, earlier this week I was walking and wheezing due to 80+ degree temps plus 99% humidity. This morning we were hopping around before the start and definitely ran faster just to make own own heat.

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Michelle said...

Good job, Kat! My next race is a 5k run over a bridge with a 6% grade (1 mile up and 1 mile down if you include the leading roads). I will be happy to do a 40 minute time. After that, I'll be aiming to do a 5k in under 30 minutes. I've focused on long distance for so long that I've not cared about my shorter distance time. I did do 2 miles in 19 minutes recently, so 3 in 29 seems reasonable. Then it will be aiming for 3 in 27. There's a 5k next Sept and the winner gets an expensive rifle. Somehow I'm thinking that I'll not ever come close to those winning times (15 minutes?).